12/22: UPDATE! Skintones updated for witches and warlocks!

08/19: UPDATE! Slightly adjusted makeup opacity for light skintones

Works with tanned and burnt skincolors.

By default the makeup opacity is set to be more and more lighter as the skintone is darker. It’s a perfect non-sense and makes custom makeup looking weird on dark skinned Sims. I’ve made this fix, which corrects the lips default tint as well (too much “brownish” on dark skintones), + a fix for Ea’s default blush which is now adapted to all skin colors.

For Wicked Whims + Hiroki’s Better Body Mod users: this file will replace Hiroki’s skincolors. If you download Hiroki’s mod after this fix, don’t accept to overwrite!

Ages / genders



Applied by default

More info
  • Compatible with custom skintones and overlays

  • NOT COMPATIBLE with mods affecting skin colors
  • Compatible versions for HQ and WickedWhims (works fine with Hiroki’s Better Body mod)

What if you don’t own EP07 – Island Living? You still can download the old version below:

Note for WW users: move the folder named !!!! Better Body in your Mods folder.

  • Custom content used

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