07/13: UPDATE! Better colors for burnt skins!

07/12: UPDATED for EP07 – Island Living!

Works with tanned and burnt skincolors.

By default the makeup opacity is set to be more and more lighter as the skintone is darker. It’s a perfect non-sense and makes custom makeup looking weird on dark skinned Sims. I’ve made this fix, which corrects the lips default tint as well (too much “brownish” on dark skintones), + a fix for Ea’s default blush which is now adapted to all skin colors.

For Wicked Whims + Hiroki’s Better Body Mod users: this file will replace Hiroki’s skincolors. If you download Hiroki’s mod after this fix, don’t accept to overwrite!

Ages / genders



Applied by default

More info
  • Compatible with custom skintones and overlays

  • NOT COMPATIBLE with mods affecting skin colors
  • Compatible versions for HQ and WickedWhims (works fine with Hiroki’s Better Body mod)

What if you don’t own EP07 – Island Living? You still can download the old version below:

Note for WW users: move the folder named !!!! Better Body in your Mods folder.

  • Custom content used

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