Flaws are lovely! You can see all over this simblog that I like natural beauty, with all small imperfections and singularities which make the uniqueness of a character. So I’ve made this detailed and natural default skintone replacement. Males have hairs, Elders have wrinkles, you can see some veins, some skin flaws… Everything that makes the skin “alive”.

Skin textures adapted to each bodyshape. Anatomically correct except for Toddlers and Kids.

Screenshots taken with my Makeup and Tint Fix. No makeup used.

Big thanks and a super special credit to the lovely CmarNYC for help, tools and ressources.

Ages / genders



Applied by default

More info
  • Wicked Whims compatible

  • Compatible with overlays, skin details and Monolid Overlay

  • Not HQ mod compatible

Pre-release for Patrons. Public release 01/30

  • Custom content used

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