Experimental mod!

This mod is an experimental work on specular maps to add more realism to screenshots. It may interact badly with other custom content. This mod is quite heavy, to use for screenshots only.

ISLAND LIVING (EP07) NOTES: The overlay shine erases the mermaid tail shine. It creates no conflict or issue, just puts the shine amount defined by my overlay instead of the default shine amount of the mermaid tail.

Ages and genders



Skin detail

  • Compatible with makeup, skin details, skin overlays

  • HQ mod compatible

  • Be careful! Due to the huge difference of lighting between CAS and the Sims 4 gameplay, there are 2 versions of the overlay:​
CAS version

To use in CAS only. It’s the ideal version to take nice screenshots in CAS.

Gameplay version

The one to use in your game. It’s designed to match the gameplay’s lighting.

  • Custom content used

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