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No reupload of my creations on ANY site. Feel free to share the link to my post.


Don’t claim my creations as your own. It’s mean, it’s disrespectful.


Do whatever you want for your personal use. Feel free to recolor my creations, but DON’T include the mesh and link back to my post.

About the project

I’m a huge video games fan. I love to create unique characters and stories. But in games as in life, people of color are still underrepresented. That’s why I create custom content mainly focused on diversity and inclusivity. And to share with you my love for West African cultures. Enjoy your visit!

African inspiration of the month:

Created by Jezi:

Dazzle is a quarterly Sims 4 fan magazine. Will always be ready to give you from the best Custom Contents to the most inspiring Simmer around which deserve your utmost attention.

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Latest posts:

“Seasons in Japan” Nails

I love custom nails! Take a trip to Japan with a nail collection inspired by seasonal colors and patterns. Female, Teen to Elder.

Diversity Summer Makeup

For Summer, all your Sims deserve a fresh look, with a makeup enhancing the diversity of their features. Suitable for all skintones. All genders.

Random Townie: Wiki Mete

Meet this romantic Sims girl: Wiki Mete. A random townie who had a small makeover. Romantic, outgoing and geek traits. Soulmate aspiration.

Hallowsims dreadlocks and twists

HallowSims mesh edit. Two long hairstyles with dreadlocks and twists. Maxis matching colors + 4 ombres colors. Female Teen to Elder, hat compatible.