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About the project

I’m a huge video games fan. I love to create unique characters and stories. But in games as in life, people of color are still underrepresented. That’s why I create custom content mainly focused on diversity and inclusivity. And to share with you my love for West African cultures. Enjoy your visit!

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Lovely Flaws Default Skintone

Flaws are lovely! So I’ve made this detailed and natural default skintone replacement. With every flaws that make the skin “alive”.

Elder Face Overlay

A face overlay for the loved elder Sims, male and female. Detailed texture with natural wrinkles and some subtle old age spots.

Female Headwrap

To match my clothing sets, here's a headwrap with Island Living neat prints and 11 solid colors. Female Teen to Elder.

Special Clothing Gift

A special gift to celebrate a miracle! Formal dresses for the ladies, a printed shirt for the gentlemen!